Submission of Paper:

The manuscript may be submitted to the Chief Editor, Aligarh Journal of Statistics. The manuscript should be typed on A4 size paper in double space with the margins at the top, side and bottom of the pages. Formulae should be numbered consecutively section-wise with numbers in parenthesis appearing on the right-hand side, such as (3.2) for the expression number (2) in section 3. A summary should be given at the top. Reference to the authors in the text should be as Renyi (1953): Khatri et al. (1986), Rao (1962s) etc., and should be listed alphabetically according to the pattern followed in this issue. The name of the journal should be abbreviated as given in the Mathematical Reviews.
The manuscript may also be submitted through an e-mail attached in the above format as PDF and word file. On being accepted for publication, the author(s) will be required to submit the manuscript again as per the AJS template using Microsoft Word (equation ver. 3.0).